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Understanding Cloud Computing: 5 Reasons for Cloud Computing

1. Cost Savings & Scalability:

Low investments – Cloud computing solutions reduce your investment costs and therewith the obstacles for entering your new IT infrastructures. When switching from an old network system or server system to a new one or when you need a second one, the investment costs are enormous. By virtualising the technique Cloud Computing offers possibilities to adjust your company to changing number of users with minimum effort.

2. Simplicity & Locational Independence:

Uncomplicated – Cloud computing creates scope. You only switch on any terminal equipment, e.g. any notebook, and you're in your familiar working environment with just a few „clicks“. The access to your programmes and data works fast and secure – worldwide.

3. Security & Availability:

Secure – Cloud computing in German data centres is secure, since the Cloud computing providers invest heavily in safeguarding data security. Usually, technical operations such as mirroring, ventilating and air-condition systems, access systems etc. are too expensive. By multiply mirrored data centres Cloud computing guarantees more continuity and is characterised by a high availability.

4. Guaranteed Future & Elasticity:

Self-renewing – Cloud computing is one of the most future-proof technologies. A Cloud consists of hundreds of thousands of individual computers, which are being exchanged continually and replaced by newer models. The Cloud regenerates itself in small steps and is therfore permanently developing. Cloud computing is elastic. The server performance adapts perfectly to current needs, particularly the computing power, storage capacity and speed of data transfer.

5. Sustainability & Efficiency:

Eco-friendly – the optimised use of resources and more efficient systems make Cloud computing sustainable. By the joint usage of infrastructure components such as independent electricity supply, cooling system and fire protection, the energy consumption with Cloud computing is significantly lower than that of many individual systems.


Cloud computing is more than just a trend, but a future-oriented technology.